Digital Police Verification In Passport Service and Other Reforms To Speed Up Passport Process

Digital Police Verification In Passport Service

Digital Police Verification In Passport Service: The government plans to speed up police passport verifications, by implementing digital police verification to speed up the process. The service with a robust database of crimes and criminals will check the applicants at one click of a mouse. The union home secretary Minister Rajiv Mehrishi said that implemented crime and criminal tracking networks and system projects (CCTNS) link is expected to replace physical police verification to online passport applicants verification in a year.

Digital Police Verification In Passport Service To Speed Up Process:

Under this system, policies are given handheld devices and ready to go for applicants residence. To check his or her details and directly record within the device and minimise the time for the policies and it automatically updates with the link.

Union minister Mehrishi after speaking to home minister Rajnath Singh launched CCTNS projects aims to connect 15,398 police stations all countries. Earlier Rajnath Singh introduces digital police portal under the CCTNS projects which enable citizens to register FIR’s online.

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The digital police portal helps the citizens to file cases and safeguards them for the anticipated verification.”The police portal provides 11 searches and 46 reports from the national database for the state police and central investigating agencies. It will provide investigators complete information about the criminals anywhere in the country.

The digital police verification passport process, already using in some states like Telangana this CCTNS for passport credentials. The information will pass through online and verifications are done through the networks. The CCTNS allow to the law enforcement agencies to track crimes and criminals in real time and to integrate with e-courts and e-reports to implement in a couple of months.

The CCTNS database of crimes and criminals was started in 2009 and currently, connects with 14284 police stations out of 15398 countries. Out of 36 states and union territories, 35 are sharing CCTNS database containing 7 crore records that include 2.5 crore FIRs.

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