In India till 3rd week of may are the chances of increase in carona virus cases , after that it will may decrease


According to Consulting Firm Protiviti and the  times fact of the times network :Indian outbreak report

From the taking precautions by people it will be decide that whether the cases will increase or not.

The director of privitivity data and analysis cell dhruvjyoti gosh that after studying all the models till now and relating each one of them with each other the following report is prepared. In the study all the tree models are taken into consideration.

These are :

  1. The SEIR model
  2. The Times Series Model 1
  3. The Times Series Model 2

Also Dr. Naresh  Trehan ha stated that after 20th April the final report will come out. Every Indian has to take the precautional steps and then only the real no. will come out that how much the no. is decreased from the previous one.

Govt says that In reference to other countries India has less cases of carona. Earlier it was taking 3 days to double the no. of carona cases in India but now in 6.2 days theno. of cases is doubled so there is a slight improvement. In 19 states it is more than this. In these states kerela, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Ladakh, Delhi and Chandigarh are included.

Also the health minister of India states that who are not recovering from carona virus or are dead due to carona virus are due to their age because they were of 63 of age and also they were already  infected by some or the other disease.

Also ICMR  states that there are three types of carona virus in the country. Because of which there is coming of people to India from different nations. Because there is not much change in the no. of case so far so it would be easier for the doctors to make the vaccine.

Till Now Carona Virus Update

cases: 13,835

Deaths: 452

cases in one day :1,076

Recovered patients: 1,766

Carona virus which is spread all over the world can lead down in may in India. According to a study, the virus will spread very fast till mid of may in India. And till 3rd week of may the virus can reach the top level of it in India.

After that if people followed the lock down and precautions of carons virus then the cases may decline.

Times fact: “India outbreak report” had made some assumptions out which one of is the one mentioned above.

This report of 16th April tells us that how the carona virus will spread in India and with which speed, and when the virus’s top most level will come out.

In the report is taken by analyzing the cases in 8 states and 3 hotspots. In this central’s report, govt’s report and health organisation’s report  has also taken in consideration while making the report.

In this the abroad’s trend is also taken in care. The report can also be changes because  every day a new data is prepaid for carona virus.

In India carona cases  in future:

3rd may: 38,534

14 may: 65,601

22 May: 76,349

A more about carona virus:






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