In Delhi lockdown the private schools will charge old school fees, Only for one month


In the situation of carona virus the Delhi govt gave a big relief to the parents who are sending their child to private schools. It is decided that no private school will charge extra school fees during this lock down.


  • Transport and other charges wouldn’t be taken
  • Three months fees will not be taken together,only one month tuition fees
  • Name of the student will not be cancelled if the fees is not submitted
  • The salary of teachers and staff will be given on time

During lock down the private schools will charge only tuition fees that also month by month and not together of 3 or 4 months.Also other charges like transportation fees, annual fees etc. will not be charged by any school.

If the parents are not able to give the fees then also the name of the students will not be removed  from the online class.

This decision is for all the govt and private schools. This decision was taken by vice chief minister Manish sisodhiya on Friday that was April 17th. In this decision the private schools teachers and staff will be taken care off by the govt.

The govt. has clearly stated that all the staff and teachers of the private schools will be given salary on time and they need not to worry. In this all the contractors who are outsourcing are also included.

Also sisodhiya has said that if the the revenue is less then, the school could ask for fund from  its parenting organisation. But due to less revenue neither the salary of the staff and teachers will be stopped nor the study of the children will be stopped.

If any of the schools doesn’t follow the decision of the govt then national disaster management will take action against them.

Also CBSE has told that the fees of the teachers and staff should be taken care off.

Central has also appealed that fees should not be increased of private schools. Central minister, Ramesh pokhiriyal has also told private schools that during lock down private schools will charge only tuition fees and will not ask for 3-4 months fees together.

In the view of this the maharashtra govt has said that private schools shouldn’t ask for any type of fees, Whereas Jharkhand govt. has told if any private school asks for any kind of fees then a inquiry will be called off against that school.

But the schools told the govt to make concern on the annual fees.

Private schools told that they are ready to take fees of one month and also ready for leaving the transportation fees or not charging the transportation fees.

But annual charges are not easy to give away because annual charges includes all the charges related to electricity, water,property tax, school electricity, salary etc.

The action committee A.N.D recognised private school’s action  committee that the govt. whether in installments or after the lock down should allow them to take the annual fees from parents and govt should think about it.



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