Asking for Adhaar card from the vegetables vendors on the streets of Delhi


Due to the widespread of carona virus in Delhi. The people are asking for Adhaar card from the vegetable and fruit vendors.

This is beacause if the vendor has come from the hotspot ares then the vendor is not allowed to enter the colony or the people are not taking the vegetables from them. As they are afraid of the virus.

On 18th of April many people from krishna nagar asked for aadhaar card from the vendors selling vegetables and fruits.

by this many people has inspired and taken up the same steps in order to avoid spread of carona virus in Delhi.

Also if the person is not carrying the aadhaar card then people are not willing to take the usable items from them.

When the news reporters asked them that why are you asking for aadhaar card from them

then the answer was that it not for to check that whether the vendors are muslim or not it is because to know that from where the vendors are coming aren’t they hotspots or not.



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